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Our employees are experienced, qualified and friendly and will always remember your requirements and budget. We offer very competitive pricing for our fencing services. Phone Orchard Landscaping Gardening & Tree Maintenance today and get a good deal on fencing services for your home or business. We also provide other services including garden landscaping.

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You can rely on us for garden fencing in Gloucester and fencing products which look great, fit their purpose and will last. Our experienced team can offer reliable service throughout Gloucester and surrounding areas.

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Fences and Fencing Services in Gloucester

A lightly built fixture, semi-permanent by nature and built to forestall or limit unwanted movement over boundaries, is a description of fences. A fence can help demarcate a property, gives part privacy and gives a boundary for the garden in which pets and kids can be safe. Some other types of garden fencing can be found here.

Fencing Available from Orchard Landscaping Gardening & Tree Maintenance

Close-boarded fencing is one of the most widely used sorts of boundary-marking fencing, and is ideal for heavy-duty use. Our enticing selection of arched and scalloped trellis panel tops will accentuate your garden fencing in Gloucester. Picket fencing, used traditionally in front gardens, is available in many designs that can make country estate-type gardens look very desirable.

Decorative panels can add charm to your garden, and you can choose from a wide range of panels such as cleft chestnut, willow or bamboo. Gates of different styles and colours are an important part of fencing services, and can be made from robust and solid timber.

Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Fencing

When considering which kind of fencing to purchase, it’s smart to take the climate in your area into account. Based on the landscaping features of your house, fencing either can be stepped, sloped or level. Timber fencing is not suited to homes in or around dense wooded areas, as they can attract termites, white ants and some other pests.

Materials like brick and glass can be used to establish stylish fencing, but they can also prove challenging to maintain. We supply fencing that’s made to measure, can provide high standards of security and doesn’t compromise on style.

Why Choose New Fencing from Orchard Landscaping Gardening & Tree Maintenance?

Fences are of help in other ways than marking boundaries and as decoration. Garden fencing in Gloucester can also add height to your garden, encourages climbing plants and protect and shelter you and your property. On top of that they can help cover up compost heaps, garbage bins and water storage butts, making your garden look more attractive. Fencing can also be used to demarcate some areas inside your garden for kids or to keep in pets.

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In Gloucester, you’ll find the fencing services you’re hunting for at Orchard Landscaping Gardening & Tree Maintenance. We have over 20 years experience and offer a service professionally tailored to your needs. We will come to your home or site where the work is to be undertaken and provide a no cost initial consultation and advice.

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